Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Some misses

Two bottles in a row! Not fun. I'm talking about opening wine that Just bad. And not bad, but foul, very off. Both bottles are ones I got at a discount store. One has been pretty good in the past, but this particular bottle, a grenache from Australia, tasted sour, and very bubbly. I've drunk a lot of wine, and plenty of bad wine, but this was just awful. Spit it out, dumped it. Because the wine tasted a little like fermenting wine, I'm assuming that the fermentation got stuck and never finished off. The second was a cab, also from Australia (trend?) It didn't start off bad, but the finish just fell apart -- had a figgy, flat flavor that seemed like it was ruined somehow. My powers of description are failing me tonight, but trust me, none of these were worth trying again. Hate wasting wine though.

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