Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Blue Bottle Giant Steps

Went to San Francisco's Ferry Building for its farmers' market today for some coffee. Blue Bottle has a stand there, and serves a blend called Giants Steps for drip coffee. They make each cup individually, but grind the beans in the morning (their kiosk in Hayes Valley and cafe in Mint Plaza grind the beans fresh, I was told).

I prefer to drink specialty coffee black, because if it's roasted right and the beans are quality, you don't need to put anything in it (You wouldn't pour Coke into a $100 bottle of wine to make it taste better, would you?)

Blue Bottle calls this blend of Sumatran and Ugandan coffees ``quite dark and chocolaty.'' It certainly is dark, and tastes slightly over roasted. The only chocolate flavors I get is the super dark kind, almost like baking chocolate. Has the same bitterness.

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