Monday, July 28, 2008

Charamba 2005 Douro (Portugal)

When I first opened this wine, I noticed the cork was stained red almost to the top. In the glass, it smelled like blue cheese -- the really funky moldy kind. Didn't taste like much right away.

The next day, the funk was gone from the nose, and instead I got anise, berries and a metallic scent. A sip revealed strawberry flavors and copper, almost like as if you had coins in your mouth. Yes, very weird.

Bought this wine for about $6 at Nob Hill. I really like Portuguese wines, they are some of the best values out there, and can really have some great depth. Whenever I go home on the east coast, I raid the wine stores there because you can find tons of good bottles for less than $10. Some of the package stores in my hometown have aisles and aisles of Portuguese wines, larger than the French or Italian sections. Some of these are made with the same grapes as port - Touriga Nacional, as well as Tinta Barroca and Tinta Roriz, and while you can taste the similarities, they are vastly different.

I haven't found as many Portuguese wines on the west coast, but I always buy them when I do.

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