Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Picking up beans at Ritual....

My supply of Kenya Kiandu from Ritual ran out this weekend, and I needed to re-up my fix, so I took Bart over to their cafe on Valencia to peruse the goods (I had actually studied what they were selling online first so I didn't feel rushed into making a purchase at the cafe itself because of its typically long lines).

The Brazilian Chapadão de Ferro caught my eye - I thought I read it was a natural processed coffee - meaning the coffee cherry, with the bean inside, is dried in the sun, instead of being washed off. I asked a barista to be sure, but she didn't know, finding someone else instead. She said they didn't have any naturals for sale, except for the Fazenda Esperança Yellow Icatu (also from Brazil), a coffee that is a semi-washed - meaning the cherry is removed but some of the mucus around the bean remains for drying. However, Ritual's website says both are full naturals, and the Brazilian Fazenda do Sertão is a semi-washed.

I'm guessing the website descriptions are correct, and the barista was misinformed, but we'll see if I can tell for sure when I make my first cup. The beans have been sitting in my work bag for the past few hours emanating mouth-watering aromas, so I'm certainly looking forward to pulling, pressing and pouring over this coffee!

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