Thursday, November 8, 2012

Amazon Wine

Looks like Amazon is finally selling wine. The company announced a few years ago it was going to make a big push in this area, but after looking at the logistics -- needing to have warehouses in many states, dealing with prohibition-era laws and regulations in a state-by-state basis, they decided to pull out. So apparently they think they have figured it out. Just checking out the site, you see that they are starting to deliver to some states right now, and will likely expand to more later. I also see they have a broad selection of variatels -- 25 tannats! and some big names as well, like Hall, Flora and Coppola. The key is, will they be able to compete with -- which just made its first profit after a decade in the business last year. And are online wine buyers (like me) too used to flash sale sites like Wines Til Sold Out, Invino, Lot18, etc that offer steep discounts to pay for anything that seems to be full price? We'll have to wait and see. Still, more competition can't hurt, so this should be a good thing.

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