Thursday, August 21, 2008

Confrerie des Vignerons de Oisly et Thesee, 2007 Les Gourmet Sauvignon

I was hanging out at Whole Food's wine section the other day, trying to find a nice, dry white for around $10 or so. I was crouched down holding two French offerings in my hands, when a clerk recommended the Confrerie des Vignerous Oisly & Thesee Touraine. "Some wines our distributors make us carry, but this isn't one of them," he said. "And for $8.99, it's an amazing deal." Sold!
This was a really nice white wine from France's Touraine region, which is in the center of the Loire valley.

On the nose, pear and tropical fruit. In the mouth, this wine wants to be effervescent, but it's not quite there. Strong fresh green pepper taste. A really nice light, dry white with some interesting flavor components, and I'd agree that at $8.99, it's definitely worth picking up. I had this wine before dinner, with olive oil-drenched bread and cheese.

This was a good sipper and a great value.

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