Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Last Days of Esmeralda

I'm finishing up my bag of Esmeralda from Price Peterson's farm in Panama, roasted by George Howell of Terroir Coffee, and it is certainly sad. I love this coffee. Every sip just makes me happy. I have been grinding my beans at home, then brewing them in a pour-over at the office about 30-minutes later.

Berries, berries, berries. That's the first thing you taste on the tip of your tongue. In the middle of your palate, as the liquid rolls around your mouth, there's a buttery softness to it. On the back end of your mouth, toward the finish, there's that slight dark chocolate bitterness. Nothing like "normal" coffee, more just a hint of it.

I'm sure people at work think I'm a freak for sniffing my coffee mug repeatedly, then sipping it slowly with my eyes closed. But it's so damn good, it's worth it.

Up next, an Ethiopian Sidamo from Ritual Roasters, which promises "unreal sweetness" on its label. I'll get into it the next couple of days as I pull shots with it, try it in a French press, and use it in my pour-over.

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