Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Barefoot's Guatemala Finca Vista Hermosa, El Eden

In a muddied french press, this coffee had a wine-like consistency on top, with blueberries in the mouth and a nice acidity.

As a ristretto espresso shot (less liquid than a normal double shot, but thicker, more intense) there were wood chips and flowers on the nose, while in the cup a nicely balanced mix of mild fruits and chocolate.

As a pour-over, I found this to be a much simpler coffee, more of a one-note affair of just coco flavors. As it cooled, I got some hints of pineapple with still a strong chocolate/coco flavor.

I didn't find this coffee to have the explosive fruit-forward flavors as some of Barefoot's other Guatemalan beans. It is more mild and balanced.

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