Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jose Maria Da Fonseca Periquita 2004

When I first tasted this Portuguese wine I did a double take of the label because I could have sworn I just sipped a Cabernet Franc. It had a nice nose of green pepper, spice red berries and some coffee. In the mouth the mix was the same, with a bouquet of flowers on the finish that lingered for quite some time.

The actual breakdown of the grapes used to make this wine is 70% Castelao, 20% Trincadeira and 10% Aragonez.

On the second day of drinking it, the fruit came forward more and the bouquet bloomed. Really nice wine for the $10 I spent for it at

The producer, Jose Maria Da Fonseca, has been making this wine since 1850, and even exported it in the 1880s to Brazil. It sold 3.6 million bottles in 2000.

The technical sheet for this wine says the grapes are grown in the sandy and clay-lime soils of the Setubal Peninsula, and that it was aged for only four months in both new and used oak barrels. With a 13.4% alcohol level, this wine doesn't override food and is a good dinner bottle.

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