Monday, September 8, 2008

Fontanafredda 2006 Barbera Piemonte "Briccotondo"

Purchased this from the shop in Berkeley a few weeks back for less than $12. The bottle was named one of Wine Spectator's top 100 buys for 2007 with a 90 point rating.

Since we've been suffering through a series of heat waves in Oakland, I've kept the bottle I'm drinking in the fridge until I get home from work, then let it warm up a bit for an hour or two before pouring a glass for dinner. This may affect what I'm getting from the glass, but I get less from a wine when it's too hot than when it's too cold, so I prefer it this way.

As usual, I drank this bottle over the course of several days. The first day, when it was still cold from the fridge, I didn't get much on the nose, but tasted "bowl of cherries."

The next day, when I had it out of the fridge a little longer, I got a lot of heat on the nose. In fact, I wrote down "vodka & grenadine" to describe what I was smelling. Basically it smelled like every bad drink you made in your college dorm room before going out to parties. Overly alcoholic and not very balanced. This again though has to be discounted because of the temperature I served it at. As wines get warmer, the alcohol evaporates, and can make the wine seem "hot" so to speak.

In the mouth, though, this wine still performed well, giving me a gamy, herbalicious flavor mixed still with a cherry cola taste.

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