Wednesday, October 8, 2008

2007 Spice Route Viognier

This wine hails from Western Cape, South Africa and sells for about $25. I tried it at a tasting at Farmstead Cheese & Wine in Alameda. The Spice Route website only lists a Shiraz under their wines page, so I don't have too much specific info on this bottle. Charles Back founded the winery in 1997, but is probably better known for his Fairview wines and lower-end Goats do Roam label.

This Viognier had an interesting nose of moss, blue cheese-like mold and fruit. In the mouth I found it to be spicy (maybe white peppercorns) and have an orange-citrus tang to it. Long lasting finish. Nicely made wine, complex and spicy, with a bite to it.

-CORRECTION - the Spice Route wine is listed on the Fairview Website, here. Thanks for the comment letting me know I missed this.

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Hi there,

The Spice Route Viognier is on their website at
The Spice Route website does have all the wines on it but the link is on the right of the page.