Friday, October 10, 2008

Rwanda Cup of Excellence

I had a chance to cup some Rwandan Cup of Excellence competition winners with Ryan Brown at Ritual Coffee Roasters yesterday. We tried most of the top 10, and the coffees were really interesting. There wasn't a wide variation (at least to me) in their aromas and tastes, since they were all of the same Bourbon cultivar.

Overall I found some cups to have really striking acidity, and red berry fruit accents. Ryan got pomegranate and vanilla bean in some cups, and I found others to have nice citrus fruit as well. One was ruined by the potato defect, which is when microorganisms infect the coffee fruit and seed, leading to the beans smelling like potatoes. It's quite amazing to try, actually.

These coffees will be auctioned online on October 20, so keep an eye out for these to hit the shops in a few months.

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