Monday, January 19, 2009

Flying Goat Coffee

I've been drinking some coffee from Flying Goat Coffee in Healdsburg since my visit almost a month ago and just had my last cup yesterday. It was a "meh" coffee. Not bad, not super exciting. It was the Kenya AA Gatomboya, Neryi Hill District, and from an inverted Aeropress, I got a distinct darjeeling tea-like taste and some baking chocolate flavors.

Much more enjoyable was a cup of French Pressed Ethoipian Koratie served to me at the cafe itself the week after Christmas. I didn't take notes, I just took pleasure in every sip. It had a nice round mouthfeel, and some fruit notes.

I was disappointed with a macchiato that I had at the cafe itself. There didn't seem to be any care with the way it was made, or skill shown with the dollup of foam. I've made better macchiatos at home, and I'm no pro.

They do have some great rare and limited coffees at the shop, including the Price Peterson's Esmeralda from Panama (which I discussed in my first post) and
a highly regarded Ethiopian Aricha selection.

Despite the mixed experience, I will still stop by Flying Goat whenever I'm in the Russian River Valley because, so far, it's the best location I know of in the area to get specialty coffee.

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