Friday, January 2, 2009

Limerick Lane Cellars

Stopped by Limerick Lane Cellars in Healdsburg last weekend. I was the first visitor of the day, so the woman at the bar waved the tasting fee (normally $6, I think). The winery is known for its zinandels.

Tasting notes:

2006 Orsi Vineyard Pinot Noir ($38)
Nose of light strawberries , which follows in the mouth. Peppery finish. "Burgundian" said the tasting room staffer. She had it about right. Very pleasant wine.

2005 Collins Vineyard Zinfandel ($30)
Crimson appearance. Funky burnt rubber nose. Juicy red berry fruit in the mouth, smooth. Clean, minty finish. Eucalyptus.

2006 Collins Vineyard Syrah ($30)
Earthy, ripe blackberries on the nose. Lighter in the glass with plums and a round mouthfeel.

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Anonymous said...

I've loved Limerick Lane in the past when we lived in the Bay Area ... 5 - 8 years ago.

Found a bottle the other day at a shop fifty miles from home. I think it was the 2005 Collins Zin. It was so tomatoey as to be undrinkable.

Label boasts "unfiltered" ... I'm saying maybe filtering was called for.

Have there been some changes? I liked the more aromatic, elegant zins they made.